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Wolvehoek Merlot Cabernet 2006


Wolvehoek is a unique wine farm nestled in a valley leading towards the summit of the Groeneberg mountain near Wellington. It takes its name from the many mountain wolves that roam the area. Owner of the estate is Doctor Lourens, a radiologist, who spends half the year working in England, and the other half tending his vines and wines in the Cape. The property dates back to 1784 and, just recently, Doctor Lourens has made considerable investment in the vineyards. The vines of the estate lie on steep slopes at a relatively high altitude. Both of these factors contribute to the wine’s quality. Firstly the incline ensures the vines are kept well-drained and thirsty, so the grapes are concentrated, whereas high altitude brings with it a wide divergence between day and night-time temperatures. This slows down the ripening of the fruit and produces greater depth and aroma in the wine. The grapes from this property are all taken to the Bovlei cellar next door, for the talented Frank Meaker to vinify. Frank is the grandson of South Africa’s most famous wine man and political activist Paul Sauer (of Kanonkop). As a young boy, Frank used to help his grandfather on the Kanonkop estate and always vowed that one day he would make great wines Frank has crafted this luscious, ripe red from the classic Bordeaux blend of Cabernet and Merlot – richly fruity it has a velvet-smooth texture, balanced by seriously savoury tobacco notes.