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Six Hats Fairtrade Grenache 2009

Ask anyone in the know who the most charismatic, innovative man in South African wine is today, and Charles Back’s name will come up. Voted the second most influential man in the industry (behind a certain Mr Mandela!), he is one of country’s undisputed winemaking legends. We’re thrilled to have secured this gorgeous wine – a delicious testament to his appetite for the unusual. Grenache is rare in South Africa, and only a small volume is currently produced. Taste this trendsetting wine and you’ll see why this can’t be the case forever. Six Hats is an exceptional, intense effort – and it’s Fair Trade too! The Six Hats project seeks to highlight the various roles of everyone involved in wine farming. The hats indicate partnership, change, potential, equity, dignity and sustainability – the six cornerstones of Back and his team’s philosophy. The wine had the chance to strut its stuff next to its peers in October 2010 at a Fair Trade tasting. Decanter magazine’s Tastings Director Christelle Guibert was impressed, calling it a wine “I would gladly drink on a regular basis … packed with juicy red fruit.” It certainly is that: its gorgeous, sweet black fruits leap from the glass and make it an irresistibly refreshing proposition … but its peppery complexity and power means it’ll also stand up to some of the richest food on your table!