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Great Cape Reds

Deeply satisfying reds of South Africa … rich, indulgent and bursting with juice-filled charm. Deep, rich flavours, immense power, perfect balance … Cape reds have everything going for them, great value included. Just ignore mass-produced supermarket brands and choose limited edition, estate specials like these!

Let’s start high in Stellenbosch at historic Delaire Estate, home to lavishly oaked, supremely elegant Winery Heights, then move on to near neighbour Joubert’s Farm where 5th generation Jannie Joubert and son craft gloriously smooth, spicy, barrel-aged Shiraz.

The smoky richness of Pinotage – South Africa’s signature grape – is underlined by Drakenskloof, you’ve claret-like finesse in Wolvehoek Merlot Cabernet while Groenendal offers you another taste of peppery, oak-aged Shiraz.

Finally, the really big one – Franz Smit’s mighty Groote Kaap Cabernet, so velvety and fruity you barely notice its 15.5% power … at first!