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2009 Côtes du Rhône ‘Minha Terra’, Domaine Mayran

Run by two brothers who are perpetuating their peasant father?s dream of natural wines ? which they have taken to an evangelical, bio-dynamic platform. The brothers Bernard and Frederic Duseigneur operate their 30 hectares from the family home in Lirac, which incorporates the gravity-based winery that their father built. The family are Pieds Noirs, their father having left North Africa at the time of the civil war in 1962. They regard the Rhône as ‘extreme country’; the heat, the cold, the winds etc. This is a tough climate to tame. There is need to lessen some of these extremes ? like planting vines north/south to accommodate the Mistral, and to lessen the sun’s intensity. They pursue bio-dynamic principles in their endeavour to stay in contact with nature.